Tollcross YMCA Greenspace

Volunteers and staff at the Tollcross YMCA have taken the first steps in transforming the rear of their premises into a vibrant, colourful growing space.
Regeneration in the East End of Glasgow is a concept which is coming to life at the YMCA, and the group are contributing in the best way they know how, by regenerating their own back yard first!
Volunteers and staff mucked in and lent a hand with hammer and saw and crow bar.
 making the box 1.jpg

getting ready for the fun day.jpg

Pallets were dismantled, nails removed and cut to size, and then assembled again into 4 sturdy planter boxes which will soon be bursting with fresh organic food grown just off of Tollcross Road.

This recycling of materials which are actually pretty common around industrial areas of the East End, and wider Glasgow, shows exactly what can be done with some wood, nails and a desire to use what you have.
The YMCA would like to offer a massive thank you to Kevin and the rest of the team at WE Welding Engineers, Tollcross.
(Kevin picture below with YMCA volunteers Jasmine and Andy)
Kevin agreed to donate many pallets for the Growing Project at the YMCA. This early example of collaboration with and encouragement from local businesses bodes well for the future the project and everyone at the YMCA is very appreciative. The pallets were well received and they have been put to good use!
Once the boxes are filled with compost and soil, the volunteers and staff at the YMCA group will soon have access to fresh home grown produce, with which we will be able to run healthy eating workshops and gardening, planting and harvesting workshops for the local community and the young people who volunteer and attend their various groups on a regular basis.
Such a development holds to many positive out-comes for everyone at the YMCA and the local area, and allows the young people here to provide an example to the surrounding area of just what can be done when we recycle materials and begin to grow our own food, whilst making our own back yard pleasing to the eye.
We’ll keep you posted with how this development progresses; photos of beautiful flowers and the freshest fruit and veg and salad you can find in the East End is on it’s way!
fresh food.jpg
The Tollcross YMCA are raring to go!


" Just look what we grow in one week lol Looking forward to next years harvest"

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