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Projects play an important part in the life of Tollcross YMCA, providing an opportunity to make a real difference to not only our own, but others lives.

Youth committee

Be the change that you want to see...
...and join the Tollcross YMCA Youth Committee.

Are you sick of other people telling you what you can and can’t do? Do you want to create and control activities and projects in which only you have the final say? If this sounds like you, then come and join us and create and develop your passion, whatever it may be at Tollcross YMCA. 

Check out the video for more details. 

Every Monday from 6:30-8:30pm, Ages 12-18


Melody Makers is a brand new FREE weekly music club for primary school ages of 7 – 11 years, giving children an opportunity to enjoy and express themselves through the power of music.

The programme consists of fun musical activities and games to enable children to learn about the basic elements of music i.e. rhythm, melody and harmony and will provide an engaging and interactive introduction to the different aspects of music. We offer an opportunity to learn about and explore a range of different instruments, as well as writing songs and basic music theory.

The objective of the club is to give children a fun experience with music and to equip them with the skills required to learn an musical instrument in the future.
Melody Makers sessions run every Wednesday from 4pm.
To sign up for Melody Makers please click here.

Our Rock Club gives you the chance to come along to weekly sessions to learn about what it takes to start up your own band or to become a solo musician. Don’t worry if you have neverAre you ages 12 – 17 and interested in putting together your own rock band or becoming a solo musician? picked up an instrument before or maybe you have, either way we are dedicated to providing you with the basic skills you will need and the opportunity to take the next step in igniting your creativity.  

You will not only have the chance to learn about and try your hand at a range of different instruments but will also begin composing and producing your own songs. You will get the chance to learn about the equipment you will need as a musician and how to set it up and use it properly. All of your newly acquired skills will be brought together when you perform live in front of an audience. 

Rock Club sessions run every Monday from 4pm.

To sign up click here.



The Guerrilla Gardening Group

The Guerrilla Gardening group are mobile gardening community organisation operating out of Tollcross YMCA.
Our current projects include Tollcross YMCA Greenspace (rear of premises) The Causeway Church (Causewayside Street Tollcross) and Helenslea Community Hall (Parkhead)

At each of these sites we grow food and grow community, fulfilling our Aims and Objectives with the Community Bodies and Local Residents we work with:

Aims and Objectives

Promoting Positive Health Choices:  we provide opportunities for people to gain confidence and skills regarding growing food and how to prepare fresh produce which they have sown, maintained and harvested, completing the journey from garden to plate.
Growing Community as we Grow Food:   we use food to form links between various groups in the local area, forming bonds wherein mutually beneficial outcomes can be achieved. We interact with local groups, inviting these groups to our greenspaces, and intend to hold Community Dinners wherein local groups and individuals can come together. 
Outdoor Activity and Exercise: at our sites our volunteers and participants are kept active in a safe learning environment where they can enjoy the outdoors as they learn and mingle with other people and groups in their local area.
Skills Development: at our growing spaces there are opportunities to engage in a variety of activities such as woodwork, planter box building, compost bin building, Mural painting, painting raised beds, bird feeder DIY, as well as sowing and planting and pruning: everything that goes along with gardening. Our activities are geared towards hands on, practical experience and learning with an emphasis upon self sufficiency and appreciation of nature.
Education: we provide a learning environment wherein people can experience through practical application the benefits of knowing where your food comes from, as well as further Environmental concerns relating to Organics and the benefits of wildlife in the garden.
Regeneration: We seek to empower people by providing opportunities for people in the local area to get their hands dirty and regenerate the spaces around them. We believe that young people who have visible examples of how they themselves have improved their local area through their own efforts is an invaluable lesson, and we aim to work with local groups to provide such opportunities.

In our first growing season we have established fruitful relationships with Wellshot Primary, Cardinal Winning Secondary, Tollcross Housing Association and Tollcross Advice and Learning Centre, as well as having engaged with local residents by building raised beds and running workshops on their properties, enabling them to grow food.

 We will continue to develop positive relationships with local groups and local residents, creating relationships which are mutually beneficial as we pursue our aims and spread our values in the East End of Glasgow. 

 If you are a local organisation looking for the capacity to grow food and seeking to promote health, please make us aware via our facebook page: https://en-gb.facebook.com/ymcatollcross/

 If you are a local resident looking to develop positive health choices, develop skills, or take an active hand in the Regeneration of your local community, or simply wish to meet new people and be active, please see our list of workshops, with dates and times on our Facebook Calendar, and keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming community dinners and Community Lunches, which will arrive with the first harvests of the Growing Season.

Together we can have fun and work together as we grow food, grow community, and develop positive relationships and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes!



Finding it hard getting the careers you really want?
Frustrated knowing you can do more with your life?

If you answered yes to the above, then we can help fund and develop your ideas into reality.  If you have Aspirations, then we will Support you to realise them through an activity Plan that drives your Imagination to over come the obstacles that will unlock the Resources needed to run your Enterprise.

So if your passion in life is in sport, art, music or you have an entrepreneurial idea, anything goes!   If you are 12-24 years of age, unemployed, stuck in a job that you hate or trying to figure out your next move then give us a call or drop by.  Past participants to the Aspire programme have developed a DJ academy, a Dance school, a tee-shirt printing company and an inflatable hire company called The Bounce House, check out the video opposite for more details.

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quoteIcon.jpgNICOLE SAYS...

sam.jpg "I've danced all my life and now I've been given the opportunity to gain more dance qualifications and deliver my own dance academy thanks to Tollcross YMCA"
Nicole McCurry, 16

quoteIcon.jpgDAVID SAYS...


"This place is like the dream factory there are so many young people who come here with an idea and turn it into reality and now I get paid to DJ"

David Booth, 12